Adjacent Cover Letter Survey

January 2009

Dear Resident of the East River Valley:

Enclosed is an Adjacent Landowner Survey that we would ask that you take a few minutes to complete and return to us. It is important that we have this information as we proceed with planning this shared use recreational trail project within our community. The time and effort involved in having your completed survey returned to us is greatly appreciated.

Our proposal is to transform an approximately 15 foot wide section of the abandoned rail corridor into a shared use trail for our community to enjoy. We want to ensure everyone understands that the abandoned railway land is provincial Crown land administered by the Department of Natural Resources. Generally speaking, the Crown land extends for 50 feet in both directions from the centre of the actual rail bed. The trail itself will use the built rail bed in all but exceptional cases that may be identified in more detailed planning.

This project will proceed following a community development model. This means that the trail must serve the needs of the community and be supported by that community. Government policy states that trail development on abandoned railways will follow a “good neighbour” approach. Landowners who have property bordering the proposed trail may have interests and concerns that we need to be aware of early in the planning stages. The enclosed survey is one important way of telling us about your interests and concerns associated with the proposal for recreational trail development on the abandoned railway.

Thank you for your interest in this shared use recreational trail proposal for our community. We look forward to receiving everyone’s input.

Contacts for ERVCDA:
Arlene MacGregor - 902.923.2410
Jim Vance - 902.462.5538
Evelyn MacLean - 902.923.2591
Ken MacDonald - 902.923.2365
Bill Haslam - 902.923.2347

Mailing Address:
1141 River Road RR#1 Eureka, NS, B0K 1B0

Download Survey:
Click -here- to download the Adjacent Landowner Survey in a word document.