East River Valley Shared Use Trail

(04/04/2012) Updates:
Contact information has been updated along with the Links section. A new proposed map of the ERVTrail has been added to the Maps page.

Up and coming June 7th Poker Ralley has been added to the Events. Corrected issue with one of the maps that failed to open in the Maps section.

A new form has been released, with a cover letter providing more information about the Adjacent Landowner Survey. When downloading the form it will automatically open in your microsoft word application. A press release has also been added to the Events section.

A Public Notice has been released for a meeting to discuss details on the trail coming up on January 22/09 so make sure you check it out by clicking here. Past articles have been updated in the events section as well.

The Events section has been updated with a poster and a detailed summary of how the trail is coming along. Contacts have also been updated.

The entire photo gallery is online, secondary link menu has been removed and all containing links were moved to the center of the page(s). Contacts and Links have been updated. Unnecessary header and footer links removed, image header has also been changed. Minor changes will be made over the next few days.

The Glencoe and Eureka photo galleries are now online, broken links are also fixed. More pictures and more updates soon.

The Photos section has been updated with two new galleries of the trail going through Bridgeville and the Bridgeville Station. The Map section has been updated, broken links were corrected in the Contacts page as well. ERVTrail.50webs.com is now located on the East River Valley website under their recreation section. More to come soon.

This is a preview of the ERVTrail website. Alot of changes will be made over time such as background, font colors, font sizes, pictures, eventually making a new theme. My primary concern at the moment is to get the content organized. Any concerns or suggestions as the site is being built email the webmaster. We thank you for your patience.